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    • DogLovers' survey: read how lax regulations on body grip traps are affecting hunters and dog owners.

    Here's the problem

    This is how your day afield
    is supposed to end.
    This is a lethal trap.

    If it's used irresponsibly...

    ... this is how your day afield
    could end .

    Video of body grip trap firing
    At least 18 more dogs have been killed since Oct 20, 2012 when the MN Trappers Association regulations went into effect.

    Do you think these regulations are protecting your dog?

    The same sets that have killed dogs for decades are still legal to use in MN.

    What we want

    We want proven, common-sense regulations to protect dogs from lethal traps & snares. Dog safe regulations

    What we do
    We protect dogs from methods of trapping that are done in ways that endanger dog’s lives.

    Who we are
    We are dog lovers from across the state of Minnesota who work with our state legislators, DNR officials, local authorities,
    and other dog enthusiasts to regulate the use of lethal trapping devices to reduce their danger to domestic dogs.

    We are non-partisan trappers, upland game hunters, waterfowl hunters, hounds men, and all kinds of dog lovers
    who want to be free to enjoy the great outdoors without risk of losing our canine companions to lethal trapping methods

    When this issue is resolved, we'll get out of politics and back to what we love the most: spending time in the woods and fields with our dogs.

    Three more steps and your dog is dead. There is a solution.

    Join us!

    Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN
    26385 County Road 3
    Merrifield, MN 56465

    We're on Facebook: Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN.

    Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN is a non-profit organization
    Donations may be used to lobby for Minnesota State legislation, and are therefore not tax deductible.