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Interview with John on KFAN Saturday Fan Outdoors

posted Jun 24, 2014, 10:35 AM by Doglover System   [ updated Jun 24, 2014, 10:47 AM ]
3/22/2014 interview with John Reynolds, Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN, on KFAN radio's "Saturday FAN Outdoors" show with host "Captain" Billy Hildebrand and cohost: "ColdFront" Mike Kurre.

The interview with John starts at about 14:34 in the streaming audio:

About four minutes later, at about 18:35, Captain Billy tells an important story, and asks an important question:

"I was recently at a Pheasants Forever banquet, and there was a person representing the Trappers Association, held up a trap, I'm assuming it was a #220 Conibear, and he made the statement that 'this trap will not kill your dog,' and I almost... threw up. Cause I, eh, is that accurate?"

To which John Reynolds correctly replied:

"No, that's not even close to accurate, and really they should be called to task when they make statements like that."

John then outlined the five preconditions that have to exist before you can save your dog from a body-gripping trap.  If even one is missing, your dog dies.

1. You need to know your dog is caught. Most owners don’t know their dog is caught until they find it dead.

2. You need to know where it is caught.

3. You need to reach your dog while it’s still alive.

4. Then you need to disable the trap while your dog thrashes around or bites you.

5. Your dog can’t have fatal or permanent injuries from the trap (designed to kill any animal that it catches).

And, it could be added, every one of those preconditions has preconditions. For example, for #4, you need to be practiced with that trap before you'll be able to disable it.

KFAN Outdoors radio show "Saturday Fan Outdoors"