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20 years of waiting for the MTA to do the right thing was 20 years wasted.

posted Jul 30, 2012, 7:59 PM by John Reynolds   [ updated May 25, 2014, 11:26 PM by Doglover System ]
Many of my fellow trappers have accused me of being an "anti".  Some have even accused me of deliberately leading Penni to the trap that killed her so I could get trapping banned.

The fact is that the MN Trappers Association has known for over 20 years that body grip traps were killing dogs and not only did they do nothing to change the regulations to protect dogs, but they actively fought to keep the body grip trap regulations that have killed so many dogs as they were.  How many dogs have been killed in those 20 years?

When I wrote a letter to Outdoor News about an encounter with body grip traps set next to a grouse hunting trail in the early 90's they immediately called me an "anti" and spread lies about me then too.

It seems that some officials in the MTA are unwilling to even talk about the issue like adults, but instead resort to lies about anyone who thinks it's wrong for trappers to kill dogs.

In those 20 years, the MTA fought to keep using the exact same methods of trapping that have been killing dogs.  Now an ex-president of the MTA is going to give a body grip trap demonstration at next weekend's National Trappers Association convention in Owatonna, MN.  He's going to show how he uses body grip traps in boxes on the ground.  Teaching more trappers to set more body grip traps on the ground, that will inevitably kill more dogs is irresponsible and hurts trapping--and he calls me an anti trapper?

Please help us change the regulations so that no more dogs will be killed in recklessly set body grip traps.  We can't count on the MTA to do the right thing.

Responsible trappers need to speak up and show support for dog safe body grip trap regulations.  It's the right thing to do and it's good for the future of trapping too.