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"Dog Lovers Bill" and wetland-buffer bill featured on KFAN Outdoors.

posted Mar 14, 2015, 1:27 PM by Doglover System   [ updated Mar 14, 2015, 1:34 PM ]
"Captain" Billy Hildebrand

On the 3/14/2015 program, KFAN Outdoors hosts "Captain" Billy Hildebrand and Bob Saint Pierre, along with guest outdoor writer Dennis Anderson of the Star Tribune, discuss Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's initiative for statewide soil & water conservation buffers along public waters, and the Governor's support for the "Dog Lovers Bill" SF 1325.

KFAN Outdoors logo


07:55 Captain Billy introduces the "Dog Lovers Bill" SF 1325.

24:30 Captain Billy Hildebrand, Bob Saint Pierre, and Star Tribune outdoor writer Dennis Anderson discuss the problem of lethal traps from the perspective of hunters with dogs. 

33:50 General wildlife Q & A with outdoors author, naturalist, and photographer Stan Tequila.

63:45 "Tackle" Terry.

70:50: Governor Mark Dayton talks about the soil and water conservation issue.

83:55 Captain Billy and Bob Saint Pierre wrap-up the discussion of the soil & water conservation issue and the "Dog Lovers Bill" SF 1325. Their reminder: if you care about these issues, call and write your legislators, and speak up! 

90:12 End of program.