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Ask the right questions

posted Jan 14, 2013, 4:07 PM by John Reynolds   [ updated May 25, 2014, 2:01 PM by Doglover System ]

Sometimes you just need to ask the right questions.

Instead of asking how we can save our dogs if they get caught in a body grip trap we should be asking why was this deadly trap on the ground in the first place.  We should be asking why was it baited with meat and put where our dog could find it.  Why is that legal in MN?

There’s an effort going on right now to mislead people into thinking that all you need to do to save your dog from dying in a body grip is to take the trap off your dog’s windpipe and everything will be fine.  That’s false and the people spreading this lie know it’s false.  They know that in order to save your dog everything must be in your dog's favor but they aren’t telling you that fact.

Here’s what it takes to walk out of the woods with your dog instead of carrying it to the truck to take home and bury.  If one piece of random luck is missing your dog will die.

It's a beautiful fall day and your dog is quartering back and forth across the trail.  Then suddenly you realize that you haven't seen your dog for a few minutes.  Where did it go?

How will you save it?

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First you need to know the reason your dog disappeared is because it has a trap crushing its windpipe not because it’s hot on the trail of a bird that will never flush no matter how long you wait.  You need to know that it can’t tell you it needs your help because its suffocating from having it's windpipe crushed.  You need to know that it can’t tell you where it is caught.   It's up to you to find it.  You need to know that the reason it’s not coming to your whistle is because the trap crushing its windpipe is staked down.

Second, when you finally realize your dog is dying somewhere in the brush or cattails you need to find it before it suffocates.  You’ve already lost precious minutes.

Third, IF you find it in time, and that’s a big IF, you need to understand how the trap kills and buy time by twisting the trap without causing more damage.

Fourth, you need to have the strength to squeeze the springs and fasten the safeties.  Most people don’t have that hand strength and the shoelace and leash trick is a cruel joke.

Fifth, then you need to be lucky enough that your dog hasn’t sustained fatal injuries from the impact of the jaws striking the throat and spine.

Not quite so simple is it?

The truth is that most dogs die when caught in a body grip trap.

In neighboring Wisconsin 24 dogs were caught in body grips in a single year and 17 were killed.  That’s a fact that you won’t hear from the people trying to deceive you.