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Body grip traps hurting northern MN economy

Here’s another negative impact of using body grip traps in ways that endanger dogs: it hurts tourism.  It’s something that legislators need to be aware of when they are making their decision this session to protect your dog or not protect your dog.  Please let them know you want real changes to body grip regulations and you want them THIS SESSION!

Find your Minnesota legislators:

Every fall hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans head north for a weekend of enjoying a relaxing walk in the woods with their dog or chasing grouse.  The beautiful fall colors, cool weather and no bugs make this a favorite time of the year to explore the woods for lots of Minnesotans.  The local cafés and motels get a much needed economic boost right before winter slows visitors to a trickle. 

That economic boost is threatened by body grip traps.  Who wants to drive all the way up north for a weekend of chasing grouse or color watching when it’s always in the back of your mind to look for hidden body grip traps?  I’ve spoken with grouse hunters who no longer go north on hunting weekends because of body grip traps.  I’m sure there are leaf watchers who are skipping the annual weekend up north too.

One of our members lost his beautiful Golden Retriever Queenie to a recklessly set (but legal) body grip trap within sight of his cabin, in less time than it took to unload his vehicle.  What should have been a relaxing fall weekend turned into another needless tragedy.

Some of the strongest opposition to changing trapping regulations to protect dogs is coming from northern MN legislators.  Ironically the same irresponsible regulations they are protecting are hurting small town businesses in their district by driving visitors away right when that income is needed the most.

There is going to be pressure to kick this can down the road again and let more dogs die but we can’t let that happen.  This is an election year and this is an election issue.  I won’t accept a legislator who thinks it’s okay to let my dog be killed just so it doesn’t inconvenience a slob trapper who recklessly sets a lethal body grip trap on the ground just so he doesn’t have to check his traps every day.

Thank you for caring enough to contact your legislators and ask them to protect our dogs.

Good day, bad day.