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Help stop the DNR from expanding use of body grip traps

Stop MN DNR from Its Recent Decision to Expand Dog-Killing Traps to Minnesota's Walk-In Access Program

Time to call, email, or mail a note! – (do all three if you want the Governor’s staff to really notice)

The Governor needs to hear a simple message, such as the one below, that voices your opposition to the DNR’s recent decision to expand the use of dog-killing Conibear traps and snares to the new Walk-In Area public hunting lands program.

Dear Governor Dayton:

Please stop the DNR from expanding the use of dog-killing bodygrip traps and snares to the new Walk-In Access Hunting Program. The DNR is showing a total disregard for hunters and our four-legged companions by its recent decision to allow these traps on these public areas.  Please announce at your next opportunity that you will not allow dog-killing traps or snares on the Walk-In Access public hunting areas.  Please show your support for our dogs.

Thank you,

City, State, Zip
(include phone# if you want greater impact)

Governor's Office phone numbers:

Metro:               651-201-3400
Outside Metro: 800-657-3717
Fax:                  651-797-1850

Governor's email form: Contact Governor Dayton

Mailing Address: Office of Governor Dayton
                           130 State Capitol
                           St. Paul, MN 55155

Background on this dog-killing trap expansion plan:

Trapping was prohibited in the new Walk-In Area (WIA) public hunting land program in southwest Minnesota. However, now the DNR plans to print a change in the 2014 Regulations Handbook that trapping will be allowed on these Walk-In Access lands by landowners and ANYONE the landowner grants permission to. This means lethal body-gripping traps and snares would be allowed on these public hunting lands! This is solely a DNR decision and can be reversed by the DNR if it chooses to do so. The Governor must hear from voters about this unacceptable DNR policy. The Governor can change the DNR’s mind.

"We feel hunting and trapping are compatible activities" --Ed Boggess, DNR Fish and Wildlife Division Director.