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Dog Proof cubby

Click on "Dog Proof Cubby" link below to see what a dog proof cubby can look like.  Read the excellent article on this dog proof cubby developed by a forward thinking MN trapper.  It is possible to trap coons in body grip traps without killing dogs.

The picture shows how effective it is at catching large coons and let's you see how low the opening is to the ground.

This box can even be further modified to reduce the height of the opening to 4" instead of 5" to make it safer for smaller dogs.  A large coon can (and will) crawl into the box with a 4" tall opening.  If the bait is a grain based sweet bait there is little incentive for a dog to put much effort into trying to reach the bait but coons will readily make the effort.

There are other dog safe and effective methods available to trappers.
Doglover System,
Feb 13, 2014, 8:18 AM