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Hunter survey

Please take 2 minutes and complete this survey.  Your opinion is important.

Copy the 5 questions into an email, answer them, and send it to

Then send it to all of your dog friends and ask them to take the survey too!  We want as many completed surveys as possible.

Dogs Are Being Killed In Traps

Minnesota trapping regulations allow for dog-killing traps (body gripping traps like the conibear trap) to be set where they can kill valuable and loved hunting dogs.  Each year more hunting dogs are killed by trappers in Minnesota. 


We asked

The Minnesota DNR  for better regulations.  They said to work it out with the legislature, so we asked:

The Minnesota Legislature  for better regulations.  They said to work it out with the trappers.  So we asked:

The Minnesota Trappers Association  to help us develop better regulations.  They’re still stalling.

Dog owners: you need to be concerned.  Please help our cause by sending us an email with your answers to the following questions:

1.    Are you concerned about Minnesota trapping regulations that allow dog-killing traps to be set where they can kill hunting dogs?

2.    Does the fact that dog-killing traps are set during the time when you will be hunting with dogs in the same areas concern you?

3.      Do dog-killing traps cause you to not hunt, not hunt certain areas, or not hunt during the trapping season or not hunt upland gamebirds, only hunt game farms?

4.    Are you a Minnesota resident?

5.    What are your thoughts about this issue?

Please reply with your answers to these questions to: Dick Kimmel (retired DNR 30-year game bird research biologist) at:

For further information browse this website.

If you are filling out a hard copy of this survey you can mail it to:  Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping, 26385 County Road 3, Merrifield MN 56465

Thank you and please tell your dog friends about this survey.  It will also be Outdoor News starting with this weeks issue.

Here is how 25 other states protect dogs while still allowing trapping.  Body grip trap fact sheet