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Post your land and Protect your dog

Post your land and protect your Dog!!!!!!

Did you know????

..that if your land isn’t posted closed a licensed trapper can probably set body grip traps on your land and not even warn you?

..that you are able to post your property closed to trapping and protect your dog?

            ..that land trapping season opens October 19th and doesn’t close until March 15th.

Generally speaking private property is open for trapping (and other outdoor activities) to anyone with a trapping license unless it is posted closed or is “agricultural land”.  To protect your dog you’ll need to post your land.

Here’s a link to the definition of “agricultural land” and instructions on legally posting your land.


Did you know????

..that trappers set thousands of body grip traps in road ditches and they don’t even have to warn you?  Body grip traps can even be set in your driveway culvert.

..that you might be able to close your ditch to trapping and protect your dog?

..that 9 of the 13 dogs killed last fall were killed in body grip traps set in road ditches. 

Many ditches along state, county and township roads are still owned by the property owner and only an easement for transportation has been given.  Those ditches can be closed to trapping.  Each county is different but in our county approximately 80% of property owners along county roads still retain the right to close the ditch to trapping.  Township roads have an even higher percentage of privately owned ditches.  All you have to do is to post your property and if you still own the ditch it’s automatically included in the posting.  To find out if you still own your ditch just make a quick call to your local highway department. 

Here’s a link to the DNR website that can help you contact your local conservation officer in case you want to ask them to keep an eye on your property for trespassers and to let them know that the posting includes your road ditch.,

Now please go talk with your neighbor and ask them to post their property too if it isn’t already posted.  Tell your friends and relatives the importance of posting their property and ditches.