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Refuting some MN Trapping Association misinformation

posted Mar 27, 2013, 5:14 PM by John Reynolds   [ updated May 25, 2014, 1:33 PM by Doglover System ]
Here's a reference to Doug Smith's March 24th, 2013 article on the stalled legislation.

Smith, Doug. 2013. “Despite More Dog Deaths, Legislature Unlikely to Tighten Trapping Regulations.” Star Tribune, March 24.

In the article, Gary Leistico, an attorney representing the Minnesota Trappers Association, made the baseless claims that 1) we don’t have effective alternatives to catching furbearers without killing dogs, and 2) we don’t know of any dog killed in a box with a snow awning.

Here's our rebuttal to Mr. Leistico's baseless claims, with references to the MN Trappers Association (MTA) manual
  • Pages 31 and 32 of the MTA's trapping manual show a very effective alternative to body grips in areas without trees and the unbaited trail sets that killed more than half the dogs last year.

  • Page 43 of the MTA's trapping manual shows a very effective dog safe alternative for the vast majority of MN.

  • Page 46 of the MTA's trapping manual shows a dog proof leaning pole set for coon, fisher, marten, and gray fox. This set is successfully used by tens of thousands of trappers every fall. There is no reason for a small minority of MN trappers to keep killing dogs for another season.

  • The majority of bobcats caught in the US are caught in footholds so the assertion that no bobcats will be caught if they can't be caught in body grip traps is another one of Mr. Leistico's baseless claims.

Star Tribune headline
Cover photo of MTA Trapper Education Manual