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Trappers admit that their bill doesn't protect dogs

The legislative session has started and we have one month to get a hearing for the dog protection bill or more dogs will die next fall.  This IS an election issue so don’t let your legislators forget it!

In the meantime though there’s an interesting development that I thought I should tell you about.

It seems as if the MN Trappers Association is quietly admitting that restrictions in their new law aren’t protecting dogs.  

When Representative Denny McNamara and Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen passed the trappers associations bill through their committees we told them it wouldn’t work and that dogs would die.  They weren’t interested in listening to dog owners and at least 18 more dogs did die since this ineffective bill was pushed into law.  We didn’t need to kill those poor dogs to find that out.

Publicly the trappers association is saying that the 7” snow awning and unbaited trail set regulations are working and that no changes are needed to protect dogs despite the 18 dogs killed.  But, quietly they are trying to distribute 10,000 zip tie kits to hunters in an effort to stall regulation changes that would truly protect our dogs.  Stalling the inevitable regulation changes will mean more dogs are killed but they don’t seem to care.  They only care about themselves.  They want to mislead hunters into believing that body grip traps are no big deal if they carry a magic zip tie kit even if it means killing their dog.  One trapper is claiming that Pheasants Forever is cost sharing the zip tie kits.

The following link shows the true attitude that many MN trappers have towards you and your dog.  It also shows an unwillingness to share public land with anyone.  Read it fast before they hide it. 

In the kit instructions they continue to deny any responsibility for the body grip trap that they set.  It’s the dog owners fault for being where the traps are set and it’s the dog owners fault for not saving their dog.  They also refuse to admit that many dogs are already dead before the owner finds them.  Evidently the magic zip ties are to help take the trap off the dead dog that didn’t get caught. 

I will be giving a short class on body grip traps and snares this winter.  I’ll also bring examples of truly dog safe methods of using body grip traps that are already available.  I’ll also bring some magic zip ties.  The first class will be in Brainerd but we will expand the classes to other parts of the state.  If you are interested in learning more about these traps and how they work let me know and we’ll work on a date and time for your area.

Stay warm!


P.S.  If you received a survey from the DNR on the Walk-In Access program please be sure to write a comment about body grip traps on the survey before mailing it back to the DNR.