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Report trapped dogs

posted Oct 10, 2014, 12:52 PM by Doglover System   [ updated Oct 10, 2014, 12:57 PM ]
Letter to the editor from Dan Wilm to Outdoor News MN, 10/3/2014.

Important news for dog owners and others: the Minnesota DNR is now asking anyone who witnesses an incident of a dog caught or killed in a trap to report it to the DNR. The request is on pages 47 and 123 of the 2014 MN Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook.

As difficult as it might for someone who's dog has been caught or killed in a trap, it's important for the dog owner or other witness to gather the following information about the incident: 1) take pictures of the scene, 2) take pictures of the trap and the owner's ID tag on the trap chain, and 3) take note of the location.

If your local CO can't get to the scene in a timely manner, these records will provide evidence for the investigation.

Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN has been recording dog deaths in traps since 2012. The incident can be reported to them in more detail at, in addition to reporting through the DNR CO.

Regarding Tim Spreck's guest commentary several weeks back (9/12/2014 Outdoor News, MN): since he is a designated spokesman for the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance (and the Minnesota Trappers Association, and the Minnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association), it's only fitting that he be corrected and admonished for suggesting that if changes were made to how traps are set, that "the next target" would be hunting regulations, etc. That's baloney, pure and simple.

Many States and Provinces have made positive changes to how traps are set with no reduction in fur harvest, and no impact on hunting. I would expect more honesty from Spreck, and less fear-mongering.