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Video of dog reaching 12" through a 7"x7" hole.

posted Jul 1, 2012, 1:42 PM by John Reynolds   [ updated May 25, 2014, 10:32 PM by Doglover System ]

This video shows how easily a dog can reach through a 7"x7" opening to reach the trap set 12" inside. 

Clearly there is no body grip trap box that can be safely set on the ground with an opening that large (a smaller dog can reach the trap through a 4"x4" opening).  Originally, Senator Carlson's and Representative McNamara's bill was introduced with errors that (by generous observers) were assumed to be typos and a 9"x9" opening with no setback. It ended up in the Game & Fish Bill (MN 2012 HF 2171) with no restriction on the size of the opening and a 7" setback from the lid (not from the sides as in other states).

Obviously, preventing unnecessary dog deaths was not a concern of these legislators, or the MN Trappers Association who wrote the bill.

Dog reaching 12" into a trap box with a 7" x 7" opening.