There is a serious danger to your dogs that you might not be aware exists.

Every fall, dogs throughout the state are killed in traps and snares in MN – even in metro areas.  We need your help to make it stop.  We are working to change legislation to prevent these traps from being used within reach of dogs. We need Minnesota’s two million dog lovers to flex their muscle.

More than 80 dogs in MN have been recorded killed in body grip traps and lethal snares. Reporting dog deaths is voluntary and formal record keeping didn’t start until 2012, so the real number is likely in the hundreds.

You can help protect dogs.

Contact your legislators and ask them to contact Senator Chris Eaton and Representative Peter Fischer and support amending the language in SF 2359 or HF 2308 onto the Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus bill.  Time is running out for the bill and the window is closing fast on this session.

Phone calls to legislators are the most effective. Calls to both of your legislators can be completed in less than five minutes. Often you’ll end up leaving a voicemail, and that’s effective too. Calls can be made weekly.  In fact, the second call is more important than the first. 

Find out who your legislators are HERE

You can view the bill HERE

With your help, we can get these traps and snares out of the reach of our dogs like other states have done. This means placing them at least 5’ off the ground or under water. Our bill also requires trappers to check traps daily, report any dogs killed, and results in trappers losing their trapping privileges if the kill a dog.

Donate to the Lobbyist Fund to help us pass this lifesaving legislation. Donations will be used to hire a lobbyist to guide the amendment through the process.


Donations can also be mailed to: Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN, 26385 County Road 3, Merrifield MN 56465