Media Coverage

Here’s a list of media coverage.  It keeps growing.

This isn't a new problem.  Trappers have been killing dogs for decades.
 Pine River dog killed

Here's the first Dispatch article.

 Here's the second Dispatch article.

 Here's the first Star Tribune article.

Here's the second Star Tribune article.

Here's the third Star Tribune article.

 And here's the WCCO video.  Not exactly how I would like to be seen but necessary.

 WCCO follow up about Phillip

WCCO third follow-up

WCCO fourth follow-up

Post Bulletin

St. Paul Pioneer Press 10-21-12



St. Paul Pioneer Press article of first dog to die in 2012 season

WCCO segment on recent dog in body grip trap.

Here's the first article of 2013 in the Star Tribune.

Here's the first article of 2013 in the Brainerd Daily Dispatch.

Here's the second article of 2013 in the Brainerd Daily Dispatch

Here's an article on Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN from the Mankato Free Press.

Here's the March 1 2013 Dave Orrick article in the Pioneer Press

Here's the March 3 2013 Sam Cook article in the Duluth Tribune. 

Here's the first article in the Examiner

ere's another article in the Examiner.

Examiner article

Here's Doug Smith's March 24 2013 article.

Dog protection bills stalled in legislature

Shawn Perich's article in Outdoor News and Northern Wilds News.

Twenty dead dogs is too many

Radio interviews

MN Sporting Journal Radio.  Go to Sept 28, 2013 and track #3.