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Read & React: Dog Owners Voice Concerns Over Minnesota Trapping Regulations

Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping MN come to aid of hunting dogs

Weekend dog death highlights dangers of small traps, too

Man Uses CPR To Save Dog After Hunting Trap Accident

Concerns about dogs prompt trapping bill

Bill Marchel: Tragedy a cautionary tale for hunting dog owners

Body Grip Traps Restricting Rescue Searchers ‘A Great Deal’

Number of dogs killed by traps concerns owners

John Weiss: Dog owners, trappers await a compromise

Dog Owners Speak Out Against Killer Trapping Method

Bill would restrict use of body-gripping traps

Outdoors report: Dog-protecting trapping plans unlikely to advance

Close Call Prompts Plea For Body Grip Trap Redesign

Dog Owners Concerned Over Traps Even After Legislation Passes

Minnesota Man Says ‘Hidden’ Traps Are Killing Pets

Hunters upset after dogs killed by traps

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